– 1 Lb Mango
– 1 Cup Sugar
– 0.25 Tsp Salt
– 1 Tsp (grated) Ginger
– 1 Tsp Panch Phoron
– 2 pc Whole Red Chili
– 3 Cup Water
– 2 Tbsp Raisins
– 1/2 cup, soak in water for an hour Poppy seeds
– 4 chopped Green Chili
– 1/4 cup, grated Coconut
– 1/2 tsp Salt
– 2 pc, cut into 1/2 inch pcs Jhinga
– 1 large, cut into 12 pcs Potato
– 1 tsp Panch Phoron
– to taste Salt
– 1/2 tsp Sugar
– 2 Whole Red Chili
Conversion Chart


1. Grind poppy seeds, coconut, green chili and salt with water to a smooth paste.

1. Green mangoes are preferable, but half rip mangoes can also be used. Peel off the skin and cut in small pieces.

2. Heat oil add panch-phoron and whole red chili and fry for a minute.

2. Heat oil in a non stick pan, add panch-phoron and red chili till splutters. Ensure not to burn.

3. Add potato, jhinga and salt and fry covering the pan in low heat. Stir a few times till half done.

3. Add mango, ginger, raisins and cook for one minute. Add sugar, salt, water and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer till thickens.

4. Add poppy seed paste and cook till water dries out and gets fried a little.

4. Remove, cool and serve.