1 cup Basmati rice

2 cups Moong dal/Lentil

100 gms. Potatoes peeled and cut into big pieces

1 medium Cauliflower cut to 7-8 pieces

50 gms. Peas

75 gms. Carrot cut into big pieces

75 gms. Tomato cut into halves

3 Green Chilli sliced

1 tsp. Green Chilli paste

1 tsp. Red Chilli paste

1 tsp. jeera whole grains (Cumin)

1 tsp dhaniya (Coriander) paste

2 tsp jeera (Cumin) paste

1 tsp adrak (Ginger) paste

1/2 shredded Coconut

3 tejpatta (Bay leaf)

1 tsp haldi (Turmeric)




Roast the moong dal till it is golden brown. Heat 9 cups of water in a big vessel with wide top and as soon as the water starts boiling add moong dal and boil it for 10 mins.
Add rice and boil for another 8-10mins. Add the vegetables and salt and boil with the rest till it becomes tender. Switch off the burner.

In the meantime heat the oil in a pan and add bay leaf, cumin (whole grain). Wait till it crackles. Add the shredded coconut and fry till it is light brown. In the mean time mix turmeric, cumin paste, coriander paste, green chilli paste, red chilli paste, ginger paste and fry till it is done and oil starts leaving the fried stuff.

Add this to the vessel along with sugar and stir it thoroughly till everything mixes evenly and cook it for another 5 minutes. Add ghee and serve.

**Cooking on medium flame recommended.