– 1 lb, cut into small pieces Grass Carp (Rehu) Fish
– 1/2 of a small one Onion
– 4 pods Garlic
– 1 inch Ginger
– 1 tsp Turmeric powder
– 1.5 tsp Red Chili Powder
– 4 sliced Green Chili
– 1/2 cut into small pc Tomato
– 5 tbsp Cooking Oil
– 1 tsp Coriander Powder
– 1/2 tsp Cumin Seed Powder
– 1/2 cup Water
– 1 tbsp leaves for garnishing Cilantro
Conversion Chart


1. Mix the fish with 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and salt. Heat 3 tbsp oil in a frying pan. Fry the fish to golden brown. Set aside when done.

2. Make a paste of onion, ginger and garlic. Heat the rest of the oil. Add the paste, green chili, and all the spices, i.e. turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin seed powder. For in medium heat for 5 min.

3. Add the chopped tomato and fry in medium heat till the oil leaves the side of the pan.

4. Add the fried fish, and fry for another 5 to 10 min. Add 1/2 cup water, salt to taste and bring to boil. Reduce heat and let it simmer for 10 min.

5. You can garnish it with coriander (cilantro) leaves. Serve hot with basmati rice.