Chickpeas (cooked) – 1 can
Baby Spinach – 1 bag (10 ounce)
Panjabi Chana Masala
(available in Indian Grocery)
Tomato, paste – 2
Onion, sliced – 1 large
Butter or butter substitute – 2 tbsp

Potato – 2
Canola Oil
Red Chili – 2
Green Chili, sliced – 3
Garlic, chopped – 4 cloves




Boil potato, peel, and cut into bite size pieces. Cut spinach into smaller pieces. Heat oil in a deep sauce pan. Add butter or I can’t believe it’s butter and stir for a while. Now add chopped onions, green chili slices, salt, and potatoes and stir fry until onions get golden color. Add chana masala mix, tomato paste, and garlic cloves, and mix properly. You may have to adjust the taste and add more spice if needed.

Drain chickpeas from the can and add to the spice mix. Stir thoroughly and cook for couple of minutes. Now add the spinach, mix thoroughly, and cook in low heat until it is tender. Add fried dried red chilies just before you finish cooking, if you want extra spice.