Whole milk – 4 cups
Grape, banana, apple, cherry, peach, etc.
Custard powder – 2 tsp
Whip cream/ Ice cream (optional)

Fine Sugar – as needed
Chocolate Cake – 2 slices
Peanut, raisin, chocolate – as needed
Egg – 1




Fruit CustardMix custard powder with 2 tbsp of milk and make a fine paste. Start boiling the rest of the milk in a deep sauce pan (add sugar, beaten egg, sugar, and custard powder paste in milk) until the milk becomes thick. Stir regularly so that the milk does not get burned. While milk is boiling, cut the fruits, chocolates, and cake slices into small pieces. After milk is done, turn the heat off, wait for 10 minutes or more to cool it down, and add some ice cream or whip cream (optional).  Mix properly. Now add all the fruits, chocolates, cake pieces, and peanuts. Keep refrigerated for an hour.